Instagram Followers

Yay! 435 followers! It’s not a lot I know but this is just to say I’ve made my peace with the fact that followers come and go - some automated some not but when it comes down to it - I’m doing work I like and enjoy and that’s that!  #minithought 💭 



So you can see it’s been quite some time I’ve been away and there’s lots of reasons for that - but I’ll do a life update for anyone that’s interested another time. What I want to talk about today is one of the best Christmas presents I ever got - my Apple Pencil! ✏️ I’d … Continue reading Question???


I actually have my own studio space now that my husband has finally finished his degree and he has turned that space over to me - I'm still working on getting it how I want it - but soon...!!!

The Jav’lins

Let's take a sec and watch how this awesome small independent band has produced 2 of their own music videos!! This is the latest and I think it's brilliant! -and therefore had to be mentioned!! They've been together for years, with some gaps admittedly for personal reasons, but they have such a strong sound, and produce such … Continue reading The Jav’lins