AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D Lens

My new lens arrived yesterday!! (This is not a lens review)

I’m so excited! It’s a portraiture lens and should be good for making some videos too! My new hobby! Which I started just before I went to China for the year so I could film things for my family mostly – well they’re on their way to YouTube soon!! I’ve been working hard at it!

For family and friends reading this, yes, I’m starting a You Tube channel of my own, and yes it feels kind of embarrassing and scary, but I have some cool things to show and I needed a hobby, so I’m getting set up on lots of online platforms etc, so watch out!

dsc_0004Anyway back to the lens. I’m not a great photographer but I’ve loved giving it a try over the years. Just from the handful of photos I’ve snapped already, I’m really excited to spend more time using it and I wish I’d had it sooner.

It was a little tricky to get my head round at first. With the camera body I have (D5200), you are forced to use the lens with the aperture at the highest setting and change it manually on the camera.

Also, I was expecting some auto focus with this lens, which doesn’t seem to be there, but again maybe that’s more to do with the body compatibility than the lens itself. We’ll see. Still, I’m super excited to use it some more!

I love the shallow focus! So far a great little lens!


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