Inspiring Grandmothers

This is a blog post I started writing in China. I’m currently writing posts about my year abroad so keep an eye out for more of those. Moving on…

I just heard some great advice about writing a blog while watching YouTube – and I’m gonna give it ago. The advice was simple and pretty obvious really which is how I know it’s right.

I should write about things that I am interested in. If I’m boring myself, no one else will want to read it either. So here it goes…

My husband came back from a trip last week. He’d gone back to England for his Grandmother’s funeral, and I hope no one will mind me saying something about her. People need to know how wonderful she was. I’ll try and find the words.

I wasn’t lucky enough to know her when her mind was healthy but I know the stories about her and I saw her kindness all the time. We are so blessed that we had her influence in our lives. She knew what needed to be serious and how to laugh at herself. She was always making me smile.grandmamai

I can see her influence the most in my father-in-law, her son. He is a truly kind and well-meaning man, who just lives every day trying to do the best for the people around him. And what a lesson that is.

Wouldn’t we all be happier if we remember to look around us and put others needs before our own?

I think so.


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