Arriving in Beijing Continued… The Mary and Joseph Story

Part one found my husband and I stranded in Beijing in the early hours of the morning.

We lucked out pretty quickly in terms of finding another taxi to pick us up at that time of night, but we lucked out even more so that he happened to be so nice!

He took us from hotel to hotel trying to find us a place to stay. The problem wasn’t not having a booking, it was that we were foreigners. The taxi driver would go in and ask for us and then we told the place was full. Time and time again – it just didn’t seem believable and we later learned it was because we were foreign and only certain hotels could take us.

I mean just imagine feeling stranded in a country you don’t know and you can’t speak the language, you’re jet lagged and you have nowhere to go. Well, after one such stop off, if things couldn’t get worse our “donkey” died. (The car wouldn’t start.) Have you ever been in a taxi and that’s happened? Can’t happen too often.

Our friendly driver didn’t seem phased though, and when Andrew got out to offer a push he was redirected to the driver’s seat! My husband for a few minutes was a Beijing city taxi driver!

When we got going again the real taxi driver got on the phone and found somewhere relatively close by that would take us. We were so relieved!!

When we pulled up it was starting to get light. We thanked our driver, took care of the check-in and prompted fell asleep. (Despite the hard uncomfortable Chinese “matresses”)

We had arrived!


The next day we ventured out onto the street, and it was kind of beautiful. The sky was so blue. We found the local supermarket and got some supplies, including face masks for days when we wouldn’t be so lucky and some snacks.

We were ready to begin our house hunt.


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