Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

I love MAC lipsticks!


These are my current favs although there are more that just couldn’t make the cut and a few on my wish list!!

BRAVE – a beautiful natural kind of mauve pink, I wore this on my wedding day. It’s a satin finish so looks pretty natural and lasts a long time.

HUG ME – slightly brown toned lustre finish so it gives a nice natural glass to the lips. It’s my go-to easy lipstick lipstick.

PLUMFUL – lovely plumy shade. It’s another lustre so it’s just a glossy sheen of colour. Especially lovely in Autumn/Winter.

SEE SHEER – the perfect shade if I want a bit more colour on my lips but still want something easy to wear. It fades really nicely too. Another lustre.

RELENTLESSLY RED – my favourite summer lipstick! A bold retro matt, pinky red colour! Love it!

If you wanna see what they look like on – click below!


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