Black Friday – Why I won’t be shopping it!

Where should I start? We’ve all seen how mad it can get! But my main reason, aside from “cash flow” is the principle of it.

You have to be really careful with things like this. We’ve seen it happen as Friday approaches.

Companies will actually charge you more and tell you it’s a cheaper price! 

I saw it in the last few months with Tesco. Something as simple as a Terrie’s Chocolate Orange. They had it for £1 for a while, then it went back to the normal price. A week or so later they had it for £2 and were making a big fuss about it like it was the best price they’ve ever done it for. Now to be fair they weren’t actually claiming that, but they wanted you to believe it was a good deal for sure.

This is a pretty silly example. But we’ve seen it with a washing machine we were looking to buy. The price has gone up by about £100 for their black Friday offer!! Madness!

Don’t be fooled this Friday. Know the real value or real bottom price of what you’re buying before you buy it if you don’t want to get caught out!


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