2016 Reflections

As the year comes to a close it’s apt to take a moment and look back on the year behind us, remember the good times, and solidify in our minds the lessons we’ve learned.

2016 has been a life changing year for me. I started the year living in China in the coldest weather I’ve ever experienced. I really felt alive there. There were so may new experiences to have and things to see. I was the first time that life really excited me and I felt proud of how I was living it.

I visited the Great Wall, went on high speed train and sleeper trains, visited Hong Kong and the Terracotta warriors and I had my first tropical beach holiday!

It’s been a blast.

Now I realise in the grander scheme of things worldwide – everything’s gone a little nuts. There’s so much evil going on around the world- it’s unbelievable, and we’ve seen two large power shifts if you will. Neither of which I could have predicted when the year began.

For me, this was a big year of growth. I’ve overcome and am working through personal challenges all the time, but every time I meet success I’m reminded that I am strong enough and I can conquer myself.

And then there’s the internet. It’s become a much bigger part of my life in the last few months once I finally found the courage, with the encouragement of my brother-in-law who reminded me that the hater will indeed hate hate hate and the players will play. In other words, I should just do whatever I want and consequences be damned.

I’m really enjoying social media and YouTube and getting to be creative again. I never thought I would enjoy editing videos so much. I’d only really done it once before for a gift for my father in law. But now I love it. Better than photography.

So I do it. and I do it for me – and if there are other people who enjoy what I do then great, but after the first month of obsessively tracking the views, I’ve chilled out about it a bit more and I just do what I like because I like it.

And I’m super excited for the videos coming out this year because I’ve finally made some progress on the lighting and camera situation. I’ve cracked it. So it’s starting to look better already.

To sum up – it’s been a crazy year, the world has changed a lot and so have I. I feel like I’m finally becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. And that feels awesome!


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