Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review

This is a tough one to completely review – I’m on my second day of wearing it, so I’ll update this is I have anything to add or change my mind.

So far for me, this is doing ok, especially considering how award my skin is.

This particular version claims to be for Combination to Oily skin and wear up to 24hrs, and be a flawless look with a lightweight feel.

Well, the coverage was good, the staying power on my oily skin, not so much. Although to be completely fair, the oil came through but didn’t really move the foundation, so with some good blotting paper and powder, I think it would have kept going. So as I don’t expect a lot from foundations anyway I’m happy to keep using this, instead of my trusty double wear on a day to day basis, I just need to set it better then I was able to when I tested it.

If you haven’t watched it I did a random first impression video of this while on a bit bit of a day trip in the car (so the quality and stuff of the video isn’t great) but you can get an idea of how it was looking. I should also mention that I hadn’t powdered my face very well because of the conditions I was in.

So to conclude, it’s a very decent foundation for the price and if your skin is on the drier side it might even last the whole 24hrs, although I personally don’t plan on staying up that long ever just to test that claim!


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