The People Project

This is a video collaboration – my first on YouTube and I’m SO EXCITED!!!

A collaboration of YouTubers were asked to answer the following questions!!


1. What has this last year taught you as a person or how have you grown?

2. At this moment in your life, what’s your biggest fear?

3. What has been your biggest victory or happy moment this year?

4. What do you hope 2017 holds for you?

Here’s the video!

This is a collaboration put together by Chase from Chase’s Channel – a former film student and generally cool creative guy!

These questions were inspired by an article about depression and loneliness at New Years, that stated – 10 million Britons and likely millions more around the world felt at their lowest, loneliest and most lost at New Years.

Chase said “I set out to make a film that would show that its ok to talk about whatever is on your mind, good or bad, and that there are people out there who do understand how you feel or what you are going through.”

Here’s his channel –

Check out all the peeps envolved – I will be!

Happy New Year!! Keep going!!





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