Tips For Getting A Job In China

This was a 6 month(ish) struggle for me! and I don’t think it needed to have been.

Here are my top tips for securing a job in China.

1. Make sure you have a skype account – this is how you will be interviewed.

Check that it’s all working correctly and think about a place you could go for the interview.

2. Get registered on job search websites for teaching abroad – there are plenty.

Here’s a list of some you might try.

3. Before making arrangements to interview, clarify the details.

You will get lots of offers to interview so you don’t want to be wasting your time on jobs that aren’t suitable for you or aren’t what you’re looking for. Often  the people that contact you won’t have paid too close attention to what you listed as your requirements, assuming they can persuade you differently later.

You can clarify this via skype messages or email before you take that early morning skype interview. You might also what to clarify if they would prefer the video to be on or not as in some cases they won’t and might not want to waste your time at 5.30 in the morning making yourself presentable if you don’t need to. More often than not they’ll want the video on, but don’t be surprised in the connection is too poor and you end up turning it off!

4. Prepare as you would for any other interview.

Think about what you might be asked. For example, you might be asked to demonstrate examples of how you would teach or to prepare a video demo of a lesson and the final stage.

5. When it’s time to interview, you might want to clarify again the parameters of the job.

Generally speaking, they are more keen to hire then you might be to be hired by them so you can afford to some extent to be picky providing you’ve started the process early enough.

Those are the main points you need to know. As always read contracts carefully and ask about anything that isn’t clear.

A note about Criminal Records – They’ll get the paperwork rolling for you, and be sure to clarify an acceptable company or method to obtain a Criminal Records check. They’ll want official looking documentation, possibly stamped, to check what company they’ll accept. (I had to have my very legitimate police check stamped and dated by the police, effectively invalidating it here in the UK.)


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