Being Authentic

I’ve been watching a handful of videos lately that have got me thinking about my own videos and what I’ve been producing and I’ve concluded – I’m just not comfortable yet behind the camera.

I’ve already filmed my videos for this month – I think all of them- I have to film in batches at the moment because that’s how my work schedule is although in a month or so I’ll be able to film regularly and with some natural light!! Wayhey!

Anyway – so these videos have gotten me thinking – and I feel like I’ve been editing out the more authentic parts of my videos to try and produce something professional and good quality when in reality we react to raw emotions and authenticity better.

The video I’ve linked below is one that’s gotten me thinking – and I hope he doesn’t mind me saying – the video “qaulity” isn’t great in terms of being polished etc – but that’s actually one of the first things that kept me watching – it felt more intimate and real – and I really liked that.

So while I will still need to film with my lights and everything – I want to edit less and relax more and just talk with you guys (whoever actually watches my tiny channel). Much thanks by the way.

So look forward to more videos with a more natural but better prepared and set up ME.

And check this guy out!


4 thoughts on “Being Authentic

  1. Kirsty Dee says:

    I really loved this post. I’m started to vlog a bit to help me become authentic on camera as I too edit out bits because I thought they weren’t professional or perhaps boring. Vlogging is helping, because I’m not thinking of an idea and editing it to get my thought/message out it’s literately just me doing whatever I happen to be doing. Recently I really cut back on the editing of my videos and whilst it’s pretty scary as I like everything to look polished, it’s been really liberating and felt so good. Sometimes you have to just take a leap of faith and no the real you without the glitz it’s more than good enough. x


  2. Camryn says:

    I feel like your content is very heavily oriented around things that you consume. Be it books, clothes, makeup, etc.

    Of course you do have a unique perspective on these things that others may find useful. However, It is something that literally anyone can do.

    I feel like you have more to offer than this. You are much more than the things you consume. Perhaps something to think about.


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