MAC Face and Body Foundation Review

This is kinda what it sounds like.

Yesterday I consciously wore my makeup. I put it on, and 8 hours later I checked up on it to see how it was looking.

I need to start by explaining how seriously oily my skin is. It has its good days and bad days and I’m beginning a journey to try and find the best foundation for it. Starting with MAC’s Face and Body foundation (it’s the best shade match for me at the moment)

Before we get onto longevity, I want to talk about the foundation itself. And I’ll tell you, I’m a fan. I wasn’t always a fan, but I am now. I really used to feel like this just didn’t stay put on me. I would put it on and a few hours later look like I wasn’t wearing any make-up. Those were the days when I wore it alone, and I think it has to do with the application too.

This is a very clever foundation. It’s designed to be used all over on the runways. It the past I’d just used it a bit on my neck to conceal or make my foundation match, and it always looked to natural, but if you do need to get more coverage out of it, you just have to work it into the skin more. It kind of thickens and builds its self the more you just move it around and work it. So that’s how I apply it now, really working it up on the areas that need a bit moe help, and to be fair I usually use it with a full face these days too.

So I’m a fan.

Now how did it do on my oily skin for 8 hours? Not amazingly well but good enough. The oil definitely came through. I would have needed to blot and powder a few times towards the end of the day, but that’s pretty normal for me.

So really really not bad at all. Most of my face was still intact. Happy days.

Look out for future posts when I will have explored how well different foundations do, and how they do with different primers. I’m looking for the winning combination. Suggestions are welcome!


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