I Hate Racism

I accidentally found myself in a racist debate earlier on today on my twitter account.

I’m honestly feeling a little shocked about it.

In hindsight I shouldn’t have got involved – I could have just started out by saying what I think here – that would have been much simpler. I’m still quite new to using Twitter and for some reason didn’t cotton on that the original poster would see my response – dumb I know.

Anyway – here’s what happened. Don’t worry – I know there’s a typo!

So basically my point is this – I’m not racist, and by trying to make a point about racism I’m now receiving racist comments. And to say that someone can’t be racist towards a white person is racist. Simple.

By saying people of other colours should be included for this award to show equality is actually just giving them undue favour because of the colour of their skin – which would be racist.

The whole thing just baffles me honestly.

Can we really not get past this?

I know there are racist people out there – I apparently met one today, although she believes herself not to be of course. None of this was meant as a personal attack on anybody, I just wanted to share my view on racial equality.

I hope there are more people out there who think like me.

For anybody who’s been subjected to racism – I’m very sorry. It’s narrow-minded and completely unnecessary.

We all have different cultures and life experiences but we’re all human, and should not receive favour or denial because of the colour of skin we were born into.



One thought on “I Hate Racism

  1. Camryn says:

    Sorry. As a young relatively physically attractive white person, this is not a debate you can ever some out of positively. I agree wholeheartedly that in life our achievements should define us on their merits and our skin colour should have no bearing. However minorities suffer horrendous discrimination that has a significant effect on their lives. In relation to this specific issue I would say it is never a wise choice to call out someone pointing out a lack of diversity, Even if there is no racism someone asking the question is adding value. A white person saying thats not needed is never a good look in my view.


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