Tips For Getting A Job In China

This was a 6 month(ish) struggle for me! and I don't think it needed to have been. Here are my top tips for securing a job in China. 1. Make sure you have a skype account - this is how you will be interviewed. Check that it's all working correctly and think about a place … Continue reading Tips For Getting A Job In China


House Hunting In Beijing

There was a lot to take care of when first arriving in China besides the seemingly endless paperwork I needed to fill out. (You're interested there's a guide style blog post about that.) The first and most obvious - we needed a place to live. We were lucky enough to have a friend already in … Continue reading House Hunting In Beijing

The Products I Wish I’d Taken to China

Here's a list of things I recommend you take with you if you’re going to live in China. I lived there for a year and had to go and buy these things on a trip home half way through. If you’re going to be living there longer without going home, you'll need to adjust but … Continue reading The Products I Wish I’d Taken to China


Arriving in Beijing Continued… The Mary and Joseph Story

our "donkey" died


Arriving in Beijing! – The First Night…

In 2015 we packed up our flat, sold a bunch of our stuff, and imposed the rest on friends and family, and left England for a year. This is what happened the first night...