10 Books I Want to Read in 2017

So I just got done transcribing my latest video under the same title - and oh boy!! I'm so sorry - there's not really any information there! So I'll put it here - and I vow to prepare better in the future - bearing in mind my limited time to film and edit (so I won't be … Continue reading 10 Books I Want to Read in 2017


MAC Face and Body Foundation Review

This is kinda what it sounds like. Yesterday I consciously wore my makeup. I put it on, and 8 hours later I checked up on it to see how it was looking. I need to start by explaining how seriously oily my skin is. It has its good days and bad days and I'm beginning a … Continue reading MAC Face and Body Foundation Review

The Jav’lins

Let's take a sec and watch how this awesome small independent band has produced 2 of their own music videos!! This is the latest and I think it's brilliant! -and therefore had to be mentioned!! They've been together for years, with some gaps admittedly for personal reasons, but they have such a strong sound, and produce such … Continue reading The Jav’lins